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Cowboy Up, Cole (2002)

Cowboy Up, Cole (2002)

Cowboy Up, Cole is a youth novel about a twelve-year-old abused boy from Vancouver who, after a family crisis, is sent by his Social Services Officer to her twin sister's family ranch in Alberta. At first Cole is bitter and reluctant but soon begins to respond to his new friends in the Hollis family who are determined to introduce him to their world of horses and rodeo. Before long Cole is riding and roping but his attempt to influence his young friend negatively by getting him to join him in smoking leads to a set-back and his need to redeem himself with heroism.
Suitable for grades four and up. Although a series, these novels each stand alone and may be read in any order, except for 'Reunion', which should be read last.
Best deal is to purchase all four books in a box set.

Author: Iris TuftinISBN: ISBN: 0-9684522-6-4Price: $ 12.50


"Cowboy Up, Cole" is a very good story that I hope gets into the hands of as many young people as possible. The life lessons that Cole gains, especially when he begins to excel and take charge of situations, make for a very enjoyable reading. Iris's book shows us that given the proper surroundings like the Hollis family ranch, young people like Cole come to enjoy life and have a love for rodeo and ranching.

Young and old readers alike will thoroughly enjoy all the happenings that take place in the story. As well, they will close the book feeling good, knowing that there is one less lost boy in our world, even though fictional.

Gordon Weerstra
Ropin' & Rodeo News

Please thank Iris for me. I got her book and immediately started reading it, making all the other books I was reading at the time (about four I think) wait. I found it very good and became more and more interested in barrel racing.

Kyrie Samuel
Victoria, BC

Congratulations on your book. I'm not usually a reader but we're stuck up north for the winter and I couldn't put this down. I enjoyed every bit of it and when it was over I was mad; I didn't want it to end.

Trevor Helmig
Team Roper

Cowboy Up, Cole (2002)

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