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Heartbreak And Heroes (2003)

Heartbreak And Heroes (2003)

The Hollis Family's summer guest the year prior to Cole is Tiffany, a fourteen-year-old who feels unloved at home. Already a skilled rider, Tiffany is handed a colt as a training project. Joining in a 4-H musical ride and a gymkhana is fun, but what Tiffany really wants is to get her hands on Cactus, Bailey's amazing, winning grey gelding.

Illustrations are by young people who are involved in equine events. Some are well known competitors. Three of them below are by: Skylar Mantlar, Clint Swales and Steele DePaoli.

Suitable for middle and high school ages. Although a series, these novels each stand alone and may be read in any order, except for 'Reunion', which should be read last.
Best deal is to purchase all four books in a box set.

Author: Iris TuftinISBN: 0-9684522-8-0Price: $ 12.50


... Tuftin shares her passion for ranch life along with her expertise in the care and training of horses. Along with this she shares an understanding of young people from her life as an Alberta school teacher; A refreshing look into life in the Real West!

Lillian Ross
Grassroots Publishing

A call from Montana: "You don't know me, but I just read your book and I had to call you. This is the saddest book I ever read. I lost my horse and this brought it all back. I cried and cried. Thank you so much. It helped me deal with my loss."

Montana horse owner who gave no name.

Heartbreak And Heroes (2003)Heartbreak And Heroes (2003)Heartbreak And Heroes (2003)

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