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The Gentle Gamblers (2004)

The Gentle Gamblers (2004)

In paperback format, this is the story of the MacIntosh Family that came from P.E.I. to the West in the early 1900's looking for their future on the prairies of Southern Alberta.

Often called the Alberta version of 'Little House on the Prairie', this story tells of dark, lean days, including struggles against dust storms, hail storms, drought, the May Blizzard of 1919, Spanish Flu and the loss of a child. Not all doom and gloom, there are many fun times and joyful occasions.

Suitable reading for all ages.

Author: Lillian RossISBN: 0-9684522-9-9Price: $ 20.00


I've been having such a good time with your books! I want to buy them for Christmas presents for my mom in Saskatchewan and for my husband's mother. I read a little each night and find that they are so easy to read. I like the big print and the way you can leave them open without having them close up on you.

Your books are awesome! My husband and I took a drive out to Stanger to see where these people lived. Is everything in there true? I need three copies of each book for gifts.

Jim Hagen
Publisher, Legacy Books

I read your books in the library here and really liked them. I'd like to order them for my mother. She'd love them!

Flora Neusom
Cremona, AB

This historical novel is a faithful retelling of the facts about a typical family of "Gentle Gamblers", and their innermost feelings. They came from the East with few possessions and gambled their lives to fulfill their dreams.

It is a very human drama. Failure and success, comedy and tragedy, and a cast of memorable characters come to life in its pages. This is a book about real people living through real events with often an uncommon bravery.

It is rich with vivid word-pictures, and has been written with a compassionate respect for the human condition, by an author who knows her subject well.

I highly recommend it as a fine example of Canadiana

It deserves a place in every Canadian library.

Susan Klassen
Stony Plain, AB

The dictionary says: books are a great legacy that a genius leaves to mankind.
What a legacy!

Carol Hoyland
Chilliwack, B.C.

The Gentle Gamblers (2004)The Gentle Gamblers (2004)

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