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The Tender Years (2004)

The Tender Years (2004)

A Canadian Historical Novel from the 1920's that takes the MacIntosh Family to the Northern Alberta bushland. After being dried out on the praries they load all of their worldly possessions on a railway boxcar and head North. There are heartbreaking times but many tender moments.

Exposed to the elements in inadequate, rented houses the family faces unfortunate circumstances that rear up to test its fortitude, while it keeps increasing in number.

This is the second book in a historical trilogy that leads "The Gentle Gamblers" to continue to explore and experience life. Suitable for all ages.

Author: Lillian RossISBN: 0-9735517-0-4Price: $ 20.00


Her vivid description of this era serves as a reminder to us of how much we owe these brave pioneers.

Eric J. Brown, Magnolia Press
Author of Ginny

A very engrossing saga of a Canadian family in search for the fulfillment of their dreams - well written historical novel, very human and compassionate.

Jim Hagen
Publisher, Legacy Books

You make the past come so alive with your books. Thanks for writing such a terrific book as "The Tender Years."

Marilyn Gould, Colington, Ab

The Tender Years (2004)The Tender Years (2004)

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