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Wheelchairs and Watermelon (2004)

Wheelchairs and Watermelon (2004)

The Hollis family was about to meet its first summer guest. Were they ready for this? They knew nothing of wheelchairs and sixteen-year-old paraplegics. Would they do the right things? Say the right things? Help Jesse Fletcher to become and independant young man?

Jesse was used to challenges. He faced them every minute, every day. But this new neighbour was downright mean and he already caused enough grief at the Double D Ranch. If they put their heads together they could stop him. The plan was perfect - or so they thought.

Suitable for middle and high school levels.

As the grandparents play a key role in this story, seniors, and even one severely disabled senior, provide the illustrations. Although a series, these novels each stand alone and may be read in any order, except for 'Reunion', which should be read last.
Best deal is to purchase all four books in a box set.

Author: Iris TuftinISBN: 0-9735517-2-0Price: $ 12.50


I really enjoyed the story of Wheelchairs and Watermelon. Iris gives the finest of details, and an in-depth look into a western rodeo family. The story's Hollis family takes on life's challenges of a spinal cord injury, with strong family values. That makes for excellent reading and provides us with great role models for all ages.

Duane Daines
Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame Cowboy

I really liked the book. I want to read everything you ever write.

Rodney and Marilyn Askin's grandson Taylor
Baker MT

This is Iris' third of her series of youth novels of farm, ranch and rodeo life. As well as being filled with excitement, mystery, adventure and fun, Wheelchairs and Watermelon is educational and inspirational.

Lillian Ross

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