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Mewassin: The Good Land (2006)

Mewassin: The Good Land (2006)

This novel follows the two separate lives of John Lenny, who emigrated from Scotland during the Highland Clearances, and Adolph Perrault, who, at the age of sixteen, stowed away aboard a ship from France bound for Canada, following the missionaries west to St. Albert. The Metis women whom they meet open the minds and the hearts of these newcomers as they attempt to straddle two cultures.

Included in the story are encounters with Louis Riel and Father Lacombe.

Miracles occurred during the pilgrimages to the sacred lake, Lac Ste. Anne.

Author: Lillian RossISBN: 0-9735517-4-7Price: $ 22.00


Lillian Ross has demonstrated her knowledge and passion for Canadian history. Mewassin is a clever portrayal of history through the eyes of the people who made it.

Eric J. Brown
Magnolia Press
Author of Ginny and Anna

Mewassin is filled with great characters, stirring events and much history. It is a great read and possibly Ross' best yet.

Charles O. Goulet
Historical Novelist

You are a beautiful writer. I love the way you express things in your books.

Joseph Gerard, Powel River, BC

Your books are a wonderful and accurate record of a way of life that has but disappeared now. Thank goodness for people like you. You are preserving a piece of history for future generations.

Freda Herbert, Edmonton, AB

Mewassin: The Good Land (2006)

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