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Cougar's Crossing (2011)

Cougar's Crossing (2011)

Strong pioneer characters struggle to survive the early 1900's in northwest Alberta. There is romance, tenderness, adventure, humour, and tragedy in this facinating intertwining of fact and fiction. The characters, locations and incidents, based on reality, are set in an amazing time in Canadian history when men and women set out to tame the wilderness sometimes with disastrous consequences.

Author: Lillian RossISBN: 141206841-XPrice: $ 22.00


Cougar's Crossing by Lillian Ross is an excellent story that strips away the varnish and gives us a realistic portrayal of life in pioneer times.

Don M. McKay
Black Hat Publishing

... a superb work. It not only offers a graphic description of the early settlers of west-central Alberta, but is also a tale of mystery, sprinkled with a flavour of humour.

Eric J. Brown
Author of Ginny

To read a book by Lillian Ross is to travel to another time and place with characters who quickly become family.
Read this true-to-life novel to feel the essence of the rugged era on the Canadian prairies...raw, messy, inspired by hope and motivated by grit. Ross weaves a poignant drama of wounded love, jealousy and human emotion.

Corinne McConchie, Librarian

Most families have a skeleton or two in the closet. Ours showed up, literally, during the digging of my mother's grave. Bones were uncovered that should not have been there. Could these be 'his' remains, we wondered? The hated man who killed our Aunt Florence in 1921?

Iris Tuftin
Drayton Valley, AB
formerly Sangudo, AB

Cougar's Crossing (2011)Cougar's Crossing (2011)

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