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Reunion (2007)

Reunion (2007)

Shyann and Stone are overweight and have a part native heritage. As the twins work towards getting their horses ready for the reenactment of a pony express race, they deal with the inevitable issues of bullying, obesity and racial discrimination.

An excellent book that could be used in a classroom setting as a stimulant for discussion of these issues.

Suitable for middle or high school ages as well as adults. Although a series, these novels each stand alone and may be read in any order, except for 'Reunion', which should be read last.
Best deal is to purchase all four books in a box set.

Author: Iris TuftinISBN: 978-0-9735517-5-4Price: $ 12.50


Cheer for these characters as they struggle, not only winning over their problems with weight, but with the race.

Lillian Ross

Reunion (2007)

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