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Gandy Dancer (2009)

Gandy Dancer (2009)

This new Creative Non-Fiction follows 'Mewassin: The Good Land' and the Lenny/Perrault/Ross families through the Depression, World War Two and into the triumphs of the post-war boom as the surrendering land holds out its Homesteads to a new kind of gambler. Caroline and her daughter, Mary, are caught up in the rush to claim this land beside the men they love. These are real people in Canada's Northwest, following the generation before them as they chase their dreams. Just as there are many struggles in settling these homesteads, there are also many romantic, funny and amazing incidents that will make the reader realize that many varied and unusual characters take their places in this new land.

Author: Lillian RossISBN: 978-0-9784489-2-9Price: $ 22.00


This has been the nicest reading I've had in a long, long time. They brought back such memories. I laughed! I cried! Thank you for your books.

Mary Starman
Mayerthorpe, Alberta

You make the past come so alive with your books. Thanks for writing such a terrific book,

Liz Andryschuk
Stony Plain, AB

These people were special in so many ways, and this author does them justice. I think this is her best work yet.

Iris Tuftin
Author of 'Cowboy Up Cole' and other Western Youth Novels

I enjoy reading real life stories. You are a beautiful writer! I love the way you express things in your book.

Joseph Gerard
Powel River, BC.

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