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I Kept Falling in the Sink (2015)

I Kept Falling in the Sink (2015)

Through the changing times of a booming awakening economy, a young man finds himself on the road with nothing but his wit to support him. But he found that even when times were hard, people like to laugh, and Reg was happy to comply. The title, “I Kept Falling in the Sink," came from one of his jokes. “I used to be a tap dancer but I had to quit - I kept falling in the sink.” Throughout the book the reader will find history of the time from the fifties and sixties "in the oil patch", stories of mobile life in the seventies and eighties to jokes and quips of a man and his family, including a school teacher wife and their experiences in an oil boomtown. Their life, filled with music and laughter, was also one of many challenges and loss. Since this title is the punch line to one of Reg Ross’s many jokes, I guess this book is the punch line to his life.

Author: Lillian RossISBN: 978-0-9784489-8-1Price: $ 24


I like best that she writes so vividly you think you are right there.

Pauline Luniw,
Mayerthorpe, AB

The book has so many funny stories, I can’t quit laughing

Jeannette Vatter,
Drayton Valley, AB

The book is such fun! I shake the bed with my stifled giggles as I read at night, trying not to wake my sleeping husband.

Mavis Lowry,
Vancouver, B.C.

Those Ross boys were something to read about!

Joanne Tissington,
Grande Prairie, AB

It’s hard to read without tears sometimes. It touches my heart.

Wendy Johnson,
Leduc, AB

I like the way you write. I feel like I’m a part of the story

Toni Dryden,
Sherwood Park, AB

I felt like I was peeking through the keyhole into the life of this family.

Olga Brown,
Drayton Valley, AB

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